Saturday, August 17, 2019

Nova Appearances Of Late

Marvels: Epilogue #1

This was a fun issue and is a sequel to the classic Marvels series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Busiek and Ross were the creative team on the epilogue issue as well.

Rich Rider Nova only appears on two pages in the issue but they are wonderful! From a continuity point, this takes place very early in Nova's career. I'll need to take some time to figure out where it fits in his timeline but definitely within the first few issues of The Man Called Nova.

And to see Nova done by Alex Ross is worth the price alone!

👍Thumbs Up!

Champions #7 and #8

These two issues of Champions are my favorites of both volumes of the title. It seemed to be a turning point in Sam's journey as a Nova. He not only hunted down his helmet from the Nova Corps, he made it clear it was his from now on.

Especially in #8. He not only took down the former Black Nova assassin named Kaldera (who had a raging need to kill Sam for defeating her once before) with almost no trouble, he stared down Scott Adsit of the Nova Corps when Adsit wanted Sam to give up the helmet again.

I personally like to think that Sam's aggressive attitude towards the Nova Corps was a result of time he spent training with Rich Rider during their Nova series together. :)

👍Thumbs Up!