Monday, March 13, 2017

Nova #4 Review

Nova #4 - 3.5 (of 5) Gravimetric Pulses ❋❋

Things slow down a bit from an action perspective this issue. In this case, the issue's character development was worth the trade off.

Both heroes deal with issues of the opposite sex and the way they handle them is a study in contrasting similarities.

Sam's story is one of insecurity and trying to impress a girl. He tries to give Lina the outward appearance of something he's not while we see how Sam feels about himself on the inside.

Rich's tale is a similar story. He gives the appearance of being comfortable with Gamora on the outside but hides from her the Cancerverse creature that's we know is inside of him.

There are some contrasts in how they perceive the date. Before his date, Sam is worrying himself sick over whether to tell Lina he is Nova or even if he should go on the date because being Nova might put her in harm's way at some point. Rich, on the other hand, is trying his best not to think about being Nova and simply have a normal time.

Also, as Sam is going to pick up Lina, he imagines that she is a monster that says he sucks at everything he does. On the other hand, Rich knows he contains a monster inside himself but is able to maintain his self-confidence while he's with Gamora.

However both heroes are on the same path through the whole issue. They want to find someone they can share their time with and help them retain their humanity in lives that are far from normal. And interestingly, it's the females who put the heroes at ease.

And we get to see the contrasts in the females, too. Lina simply tells Sam to just be himself and gets to witness his hero side when helping a mugging victim. Gamora already knows Rich so she lets him be himself without prying too much. Unlike Lina, Gamora is a fighter and teams up with her date to smash a group of muggers. It also shows again how Rich is a better trained fighter than Sam.

And near the end of the issue, the creative team shows both dates simultaneously across two pages. Both Novas talk, dance, drink and finally kiss their dates.

Sam and Rich's hero lives converge again at the end as the Cancerverse creature who had escaped in #2 has attacked Sam's sister at the Nova shrine in the Alexander's garage!

The Loveness/Perez writing team continues to catch the characterization of both Novas so well. Their scenes of Sam's youth and insecurities and Rich's maturity and attempting to cope with his inner monster are very well done. As for the art, Perez's styles for Sam and Rich are different but they have stayed consistent throughout the series. Yet, while different, they are complimentary and help emphasize the differences between both Novas.

A side note: I really liked Rich's "safe house" located inside the World's Fair Unisphere! My guess is that it was created during his tenure with the New Warriors as most of Rich's mementos go up to that point. Plus the wealthy New York-based Taylor Foundation could have purchased the Unisphere and created quarters for all the New Warriors inside.