Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nova #2 - Review

Nova #2 - 4.5 (of 5) Gravimetric Pulses ❋❋❋

Blue Blazes! That was a great issue!! I enjoyed it more than the first!

The interaction between Rich and Sam is the real highlight of the issue. The two have a terrific big brother/little brother interaction that captures the personalities of both characters extremely well. Both Novas clearly need each other and each enjoys being around the other.

But the personal interactions aren't limited to just Rich and Sam. The pages with the Champions were wonderful. The young heroes clearly admire Rich Rider but still act like teenagers and can't resist ribbing the older hero. However, it's obviously in fun and not some snarky attitude towards an adult.

And as if that wasn't enough - we got COSMO!! Who doesn't love a telepathic Russian space dog who reads War and Peace?!? And his characterization had me laughing page after page. "Americans". lol!

And while a lot of the issue is character building, it starts and ends with action. In the beginning, we get a battle with a gross monstrosity from the Cancerverse. And the issue finishes off with a nice cliffhanger as the two Novas are targets of bounty hunters (Death's Head, Titus and a Chitauri).

In between the action and characterization, Loveness and Perez are able to squeeze in an interesting subplot regarding the Cancerverse creature. Apparently, only Rich Rider can see the rift that brought it to their universe. Later, a small piece of the monster returns after Rich uses his power to go to Knowhere. It finds the Nova helmets in Sam's garage. That certainly can't lead to anything good.

And that's another reason I love this series so far. The writers clearly have done their homework. References from the past series of both characters are made. The only small discretion is that Rich says he was never an Avenger although he was a member of the Secret Avengers briefly.

I asked Jeff Loveness about it and he mentioned that he had to nudge that a little due to Bendis stating in GotG's Original Sin arc that Rich always wanted to be an Avenger. To make it fit, Jeff assumes Rich never felt like he was a full Avenger since he was only involved in one mission with the Secret Avengers.

The art is growing on me more. The art style isn't what I'm normally used to since I'm an older reader. However, I love comics from all eras so different art styles are fine with me. What matters to me is the storytelling ability of the artist. Perez does a very very good job in that aspect!

And finally, the toast to Rich on Knowhere's bar made me stop reading and just smile (not to mention making my eyes a little moist).