Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Thoughts On The New Bendis Interview

There's a new interview with Brian Michael Bendis on the upcoming Rich Rider Original Sin story arc in Guardians of the Galaxy:


I'm thinking it's looking more like Rich will be returning in GotG #20.

I'm reading Bendis's statements as saying "I'm not to blame for Rich's demise but I'll be the one you can thank when he returns just like I did with Peter, Thanos and Drax."

Plus, if Bendis and Marvel were intent on Rich being dead/gone, why devote a three issue arc to it? Either don't bring up the subject or do a "behind the scenes story" in one issue to drive home the fact Rich is dead.

Also, if it's shown Rich died due to Peter's actions (his Original Sin), then Bendis's favorite Guardian character and Marvel Studio's golden boy of the moment will look really bad. But if Peter and the Guardians bring Rich back in the arc, then the Guardians look even better to readers.

And the cover to #20 looks like the Guardians are trying to hold open a portal in space. Hopefully it's to get Rich out of the Cancerverse.

Also, why would he have a dinner/writers summit with Duggan if it wasn't to coordinate the two Novas? An off the wall thought here - it seems odd that Ed McGuinness was brought in for just this one particular arc. I'm thinking it's to set up a new Nova Prime book with McGuinness as the artist.

And with Dan Abnett being back in the Marvel cosmic realm with Guardians 3000, maybe Abnett (or Lanning) will be returning to write the Nova Prime book?