Friday, March 1, 2013

Theory On Sam Alexander's Origin

I have a theory on Sam Alexander's origin. I'll admit this is probably wrong but I'm going to throw it out there.

I think Sam's "universe" is a pocket reality created by Rich Rider. Here's some of my thinking:

1) The very first page of Nova #1 show a small globe out in space with the following page showing a light bursting from it. I think that globe is the pocket universe created by Rich using the Cosmic Cube that was present in his showdown with Thanos. Not sure whether it was on purpose by Rich or he was captured in the cube by Thanos.

2) However, in the Thanos Imperative, it was stated that the cube that Peter had was fractured. This could have resulted in a fracturing of Rich's psyche and different aspects of himself are now different people and elements in the Sam's universe.

3. The elements of Sam's origin are so close to Rich's that it could be that Sam is the pure original Rich replaying itself in the alternate reality. We have new versions of Mike Burley and Ginger Jaye (in the Ginger form we saw in Nova Annual #1) in the forms of Moffet and Carrie. Sam's dad works for the school. Rich's dad also worked for a school as a principal.

4. Rich was in the hospital for three days after getting the Nova Force. Sam was also in the hospital for three days.

5. Sam's father, Jesse, gave up being a Nova to be on Earth 17 years ago. Rich was 17 when he got the Nova powers. Jesse could be the Annihilation warrior aspect of Rich that had grown weary of fighting wars all the time. In this Rich-created psyche universe, the tired warrior went back to Earth to "give birth" to Sam, the innocent part of Rich's life.

6. Gamora and Rocket Raccoon could be part of Rich's psyche that is trying to get Sam and Jesse together to reform Rich into a whole person again. The fractures are the "errors" that say the GotG were together 17 years ago even though they were formed during DnA's run. And it could be why the two characters sought out Sam to talk about Jesse.

7. The Black Novas could be the part of Rich's mind that was afraid of becoming Supernova without the WorldMind. He didn't have the WM at the end of Thanos Imperative. Sam himself even called the Black Novas "Supernovas".

8. If you take the star chart from the Thanos Sourcebook and overlay it with the star map in Jesse Alexander's garage room, the two line up. The main galaxy is the Shi'Ar Galaxy and the smaller galaxy on the right side is the Kree Galaxy (you'll also notice that Kree? is written on Jesse's blackboard along with Titan and Xandar). Both galaxies overlay with the handbook's map with the Fault dead center on Jesse's center triangulation point. Also, he has a Nova Prime Starship model hanging from the ceiling. If the Black Novas didn't like the normal Nova Corps (gold domes) and had their own star-shaped spaceships, why would he have a model of the Nova Prime Starship around?

9. Plus, in AvX #12, the Phoenix said that Sam didn't belong here (assuming he meant this universe).

Just a theory. And no, I didn't eat paint chips as a kid. :)



  1. Nova fan as well. I tend to shy away from discussion about Marvel cosmic online because it tends to get a bit flamey, but I like your blog. You seem to have an open mind about the new direction, which is he sort of discussion I want to have.
    Now with seveal more issues under out belt and infinity half way through what do you think about this theory now? I agree that several aspects of the new Nova line seem strange and given that a cosmic cube was present during the Thanos Imperative the writers could basically given us any answer to the Richard question. Though Sam does appear to be in our reality currently (as evidenced by his interactions with the rest of the marvel universe). I wonder if Sam is what he is, but his father is the actual question mark? Could he actually be Richard or an aspect of Richard? The flashbacks with Rocket and Gamora helping the Black Novas seem so strange. I'm still convinced there is something wierd going on in the background of the comic (though with the creative team turning over so quickly I wonder how much of a long plan this book actually has).

  2. Also yeah given the fact that the Watcher shows up in his first arc and the stuff the Pheonix says to him in AvX I agree there needs to be something stranger than what they are saying on the surface going on here.

    Between the new GotG and Nova books I like the new Nova book better. Say what you want about Sam, but at least they are developing his character. It feels like there is a story in the pages of Nova. GotG feels like action-action-action-teasing dialogue-action-action-action.