Friday, February 15, 2013

Rocket Boosters: The Collected Edition

ROCKET BOOSTERS: THE COLLECTED EDITION is now available for ordering for a limited time only!

RB:TCE is a magazine-sized paperback book collecting both issues of the Rocket Boosters fanzine.

The price is around $42 with the book printed in full color at 185 pages. I should also note that this is at cost. No profit for me whatsoever.

If anyone is interested in buying one, I'd highly recommend checking online for coupon codes for before ordering. You might be able to save 10% or get free shipping or other discounts depending on what they have available at the time.

It can be ordered at:

or directly at:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sam Alexander Nova

With the new Nova series starting next week, I have to say that I'm very interested to see where it goes.

The short stories we've seen in the Point One specials and the little we saw in AvX have indicated that there is a big mystery in Sam and his link to the Nova Corps.

So they have hooked me for at least the first year of stories.

My biggest hope is that the first arc will get Sam his own fan base. Following the origin, I'd like to see a crossover with GotG as they search for Richard Rider. With Rich's return, a second Nova series could be launched (and if there is any true justice, it would be written by DnA) and thus Marvel would have the start of a Nova franchise.

I know there are a number of Nova fans calling for a boycott of the new series so that Marvel will bring back Nova. My opinion is that those kind of efforts don't work. Just ask the psychos who were part of HEAT. They hated Kyle Rayner since he replaced Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. And I'm sure they still believe they were the ones who got Hal back.

The HEAT nutjobs were morons. Kyle was around for 10 years before Hal came back. And even then, Kyle is still around with Guy and John as GLs. The only reason Hal was brought back was because Geoff Johns wanted him back and he had the clout at DC to make it happen.

Same with his efforts on Barry Allen Flash. Wally West had been Flash for 20 years until Johns wanted Barry back.

Had absolutely nothing to do with the fans screaming with pitch forks.

For me, expanding the Nova universe is a great opportunity. With any luck, Richard Rider will be brought back to be part of a whole brighter bigger future.