Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animated Nova!

It was announced that Nova will be one of the teenage heroes in the new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series!

While I'm not a fan of Bendis's work, I will admit that he has done a good job with the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. And looking at the other comic writers involved with the tv series, I'm looking forward to seeing Nova done well.

Nova is getting more exposure outside of comics with can only mean good things for his comic relaunch in April. We've seen him on Super Hero Squad and in the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game! This new series will hopefully be even bigger!

The series begins April 1st on Disney XD.


  1. Don't forget the new Heroclix set, the new 3 3/4 inch action figure, and Nova's appearance in Avengers vs. X-men all happen at the same time as the start of this show. April's gonna be a great month for us bucketheads.

  2. Darn tootin'!!! If I were Yosemite Sam, I'd be shooting the floor with giddiness. :)