Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chatting with DnA!

Hi, everyone!

The Nova Prime Page will be hosting a special live chat room session with Abnett and Lanning this Sunday (Dec. 19th) at Noon (Central Time in the U.S.)!! Everyone is invited to join in and ask questions of the cosmic dynamic duo!!

The chat function is pretty easy. On the Nova site, there's a tab called Groups. In its drop down is one called Chat Room (or just go to this link: )

Once there, just login with your name and it will turn on the chat function. No need to register or anything like that. Plus it's active all the time. Feel free to take a moment to go in and look around. :)

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cosmic Future?

I've been thinking about it and I'm coming around to the idea that Marvel is trying to be more supportive of cosmic than we think.

For around four and a half years, we have had a fantastic string of cosmic comics from Marvel. And they have been successful in sales (always in the top 100) and, more importantly, we have been a constant and loyal group.

Marvel knows this but how do you get the readers outside of our group to notice? Marvel can mention it only so many times, the comic press can hail it and we fans can hype it to a certain degree but the numbers just weren't going up. A new strategy had to come around.

And I wonder if that's what Marvel is doing now. Marvel Cosmic went out on a high note with The Thanos Imperative. Marvel may have taken this opportunity to pause the cosmic line and promote the writers instead of the books to drive new readers to a cosmic relaunch.

The idea being: Let DnA finish their major storyline in big fashion for the cosmic readers. Go on hiatus for a short time. In that time, take DnA and give them a street level book since that's what most of the non-cosmic readers are reading.

The non-cosmic group will give Heroes for Hire a try because it fits into their current reading pattern. After a few issues and good sales, Marvel relaunches the cosmic line with Cosmic Avengers (draw in the Avengers crowd) and the first arc being the search for Nova and Star-Lord (the Nova Antiquus story hinted in Avengers).

Either way, readers of HFH will give it a try since they like DnA on the street level book, the Avengers fans will give it a try if it's a Cosmic Avengers book and the cosmic group of fans will be back because we love our Marvel Cosmic books. And the chances of bigger success are higher because it's a relaunch that readers can get in on from the beginning.

I hope that made sense. Short version is that Marvel might be trying to promote DnA with HFH in order to get a bigger return on a cosmic relaunch in a few months.