Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fate of Nova

For those who haven't read The Thanos Imperative #6 yet, the follow contains spoilers...

I thought the entire series was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and it represented many of the things that I love in a comic book.

As for the ending with Peter and Rich stuck in the collapsed Cancerverse, I LOVED their Butch and Sundance moment! Going down fighting. That's how you want your hero to go.

But I don't think they're gone. I have a feeling they will be back by the end of Devastation.

I'm thinking that the key is the blast caused by the combination of the full Nova Force and the Cosmic Cube. So much potential to use that as the key to getting home.

Plus, based on the solicitation for Devastation, I'm guessing the issue will be mainly showing what happened during the Nova/Starlord fight with Thanos. Hopefully it will end with the boys showing up in front of their statues making some funny comments about how they look in sculpture. :)

The Devastation solicit:


Thanos Imperative: Devastation #1 - Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, pencils by Miguel Sepulveda with cover by Alex Garner.

THE THANOS IMPERATIVE is over...but who and what has survived?

What happened to Thanos? What about Lord Mar-Vell and the Cancerverse? Who rules the Kree and the Shi'Ar?

Is anyone left to guard the galaxy? And who will hold the shattered civilizations of the Marvel Universe together in this bleak new age?