Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010

I have to say that I was disappointed at the lack of cosmic news at SDCC. I figured we would get some sort of info that the Nova series was going to resume after The Thanos Imperative.

When it was said that Nova and GotG wouldn't "be back immediately. Maybe down the line", I have to admit that I'm not feeling that positive that we'll see the Nova series return.

When Andy Lanning asked the crowd if they'd like a Cosmic Avengers book, I thought it was going to lead to an announcement of a new book with Nova.

But now I'm thinking that it was Andy trying to get the crowd to show Marvel that the cosmic line shouldn't be given up on.

At least we still have him in Secret Avengers and MA Super Heroes.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanos Imperative #2 and Super Heroes #4...SPOILERS!

I read both Thanos Imperative #2 and Super Heroes #4 last night and both were extremely good!!

TI #2 was just huge in scale! With Galactus, Celestials and the Gods from Annihilation, it would have been easy for the other characters to have become lost in the shuffle.

But DnA are so good at characterization that the moments with Nova, Quasar and the GotG keep the series grounded which (to me) makes the outside threat feel even more overwhelming.

The Guardians are shown as an extremely competent and downright scary team as they take down the Cancerverse Defenders. Nova and Quasar are fighting the outside threat the best they can along with the Silver Surfer. I love the outside space battles!!

And the ending make me go - BLUE BLAZES! When I saw the Galactus Engine, it made me wonder if the Celestial head that makes up Knowhere came from the Cancerverse.

Super Heroes #4 had the absolute coolest Nova cover!!!!! I'm not the biggest fan of Deadpool or Kraven (to say the least) so my enjoyment of the bad guys wasn't like it was last issue with Diamondhead and the Owl.

However, I really like every issue of this series so far! The characterization and general good feeling from the book is a real pleasure to read. I find that I relax when I read Super Heroes. Plus the one and done format is great for readers of any age.