Thursday, May 20, 2010

Secret Avengers #4

With the release of the cover to Secret Avengers #4, there's been some question about what happens to Richard Rider.

I still have a feeling that the Nova we see in the beginning of this first arc might not be Rich. He may be Malik Tarcel posing as Nova for some reason. He has the uniform. Plus the solicits for SA #2 says someone betrays the team and #4 says the true enemy will be revealed.

The cover could easily be interpreted as Steve taking the helmet off of Tarcel to see it isn't Rich. And then he might even use the helmet to contact Rich. Otherwise, how is Rich even going to be aware of the Secret Avengers, let alone join the effort?


  1. Good ideas, also could be Steve is the betrayer Or Steve needs some info and Rich lends him the helemt to communicate with worldmind. Lots of posibilities we will see.

  2. Well having now read SA 1, I see the way this is going. It is gogin to be interesting. But in the end, Rich will still be Nova and maybe a little stronger.

  3. Lets be realistic. Marvel covers have nothing to do with the story inside; many times we've been misled by a cover. When Nova is taken over by the serpent crown (I'll assume this is what happens) we see his helmet bouncing down the steps. If Rich is taken over by the serpent crown, then Steve Rogers may be using the helmet to help the Worldmind stop the crows influence on Rick....

  4. Yep, looks like I was way off on that one!

    But it's fun making guesses. :) If they turn out to be wrong, no harm. Especially since the actual issue itself was FANTASTIC!

  5. Wow, I am coming into new cosmic Nova completely new to any incarnation of him in eighteen years!

    Serpent Crown brings to mind the last Englehart Avengers comics done with George Perez!

    I want to draw "the Punk Called Nova" to go with my next entry into "the Thread Called Nova". I"m going to write about the original twenty five issues, and am so thankful to reconnect with our hero through a whole new generation of cosmically enhanced young fans.