Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shhhh - Nova is a Secret Avenger

With the reveal of Nova as a Secret Avenger, I (for one) am completely thrilled! I like Ed Brubaker's work and think he will treat Rich very well.

But here's another thought....

What if that isn't Richard Rider? What if it is SuperNova (Malik Tarcel/Garthan Saal) posing as Nova for his own agenda? After all, Tarcel had the same uniform.

It would also explain how Nova can be in Secret Avengers while being in The Thanos Imperative at the same time. And the solicit for SA #2 says the team will be betrayed by one of their own.

I can't wait for Secret Avengers!


  1. That is a possibility. Could also be that the real Nova comes in and saves the day. If it is Tarcel were is he getting the power from. Rich holds the Nova force, so he would have to be rift powered. Looking at the line up of Secret Avengers, Nova is easily the most powerful. Also with his ability to create stargates, he could easily be a Secret Avenger and still be a cosmic hero. All I know between this, Nova being in the Thanos event, and him being in 2 upcomming TV cartoon series, I feel allot more comfortable his own comic will be back.

  2. The next thing to keep our fingers crossed for is Marvel vs. Capcom 3 -- it's going to be revealed next week, as the rumor goes. It should have a ton of characters, and I hope Nova is in the group!