Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts on Nova #34

I picked up Nova #34 yesterday and thought it was a pretty good issue.

To me, this is the first story from the current Nova series that will probably read best in the collected edition. The other issues felt more self-contained even though they were part of an overall arc. Again, to me, this one feels different.

Personally, I love 'two teams face off with individual characters fighting each other as part of a bigger game' stories. One reviewer on a popular comic news site complained that he felt it was cliched and hated the issue for it.

I guess my response to that is if someone feels that something is cliched in a medium as cyclic as comics, that's a sign that the someone needs to find a new hobby because they've been around too long.

The only drawback about the issue for me was Nova being taken out of the starring role in his own title. However, I do understand it due to the 'Contest of Champions' style story being told in this particular issue. I'm sure Nova will be front and center big time in next month's conclusion!

I really like Asrar and Hanna's art in this issue. Very nice flow and Asrar draws a fantastic Namorita. And Bruno Hang's coloring is always tops! For my money, Bruno is one of the absolute best colorist there has been.

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