Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cosmic Future

In the newest solicitations for May, there is an obvious gap where the cosmic titles should be. In place of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, we are introduced to the next cosmic event called The Thanos Imperative!

On a number of message boards, there has been speculation (and some borderline panic!) that the two titles are being cancelled. Personally, I think it's way too early to jump to conclusions.

Is it a simple hiatus for the books while TTI is going on or is it a sign of massive upheaval? We simply don't know what's going on at this point.

There's also a rumor that Nova will be joining the new Secret Avengers title by Ed Brubaker. If true, that would be awesome (imo)! I enjoy Ed's work very much and think he'd have a great take on Nova. As long as the current Nova title continues, I'll be one happy dude.

I expect Marvel will make some announcements in the next few weeks about the cosmic books. I do know there are big changes coming but how big and what shape they'll take, we'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts on Nova #34

I picked up Nova #34 yesterday and thought it was a pretty good issue.

To me, this is the first story from the current Nova series that will probably read best in the collected edition. The other issues felt more self-contained even though they were part of an overall arc. Again, to me, this one feels different.

Personally, I love 'two teams face off with individual characters fighting each other as part of a bigger game' stories. One reviewer on a popular comic news site complained that he felt it was cliched and hated the issue for it.

I guess my response to that is if someone feels that something is cliched in a medium as cyclic as comics, that's a sign that the someone needs to find a new hobby because they've been around too long.

The only drawback about the issue for me was Nova being taken out of the starring role in his own title. However, I do understand it due to the 'Contest of Champions' style story being told in this particular issue. I'm sure Nova will be front and center big time in next month's conclusion!

I really like Asrar and Hanna's art in this issue. Very nice flow and Asrar draws a fantastic Namorita. And Bruno Hang's coloring is always tops! For my money, Bruno is one of the absolute best colorist there has been.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes

I've really been enjoying Marvel Adventures Super Heroes!

The MA Nova is a teenage rookie who has been made a member of the Avengers. The character's interactions with the other heroes are a hoot!

Captain America seems to see Nova as having the potential to be a great Avenger. Black Widow seems to look at him as a kid but Nova thinks she's gorgeous. :)

I would highly recommend the title to anyone who wants to see a new interpretation of Marv Wolfman's version of Nova or anyone who just enjoys reading a good comic.