Monday, January 4, 2010

War of Kings HC

I finished the War of Kings HC over the weekend. Wow, that was definitely worth the money! I already had Secret Invasion: WoK, the War of Kings mini and the WoK: Who Will Rule? one-shot.

However, with the HC, I not only got those in the bigger page size but I also got a bunch of issues I didn't read when they came out. Both Darkhawk minis are in there (those were FANTASTIC!), the WoK: Son of Hulk issue and the WoK: Warriors issues are also included.

Those definitely flesh out the main series and even help explain some events in Nova. Such as how Blastaar came to rule the Negative Zone and obtained the Cosmic Rod, how Blastaar agreed to side with the Shi'Ar and invade our universe, etc.

Highly recommended!


  1. Sounds great! Although I prefer softcover because I'm cheap. I see that it isn't coming out until the summer and the Amazon listing makes it look like it only collects War of Kings #1-6. Do you know if there's any truth to this, or will the softcover version of War of Kings have the same contents as the hardcover?

    I also noticed that has two listings for a softcover that collects both Darkhawk minis. Not sure why those are there or the differences.

    Weirdness abounds on the reprints of War of Kings.

  2. Hey, Corey!

    I don't know what will be in the softcover.

    Yeah, I saw that with the Darkhawk minis, too. So I decided to go with the HC since both minis were in there anyway.

    Plus Amazon had it for a really good price at the time.